What You will Learn

Happy Healthy Educators = Happy Healthy Students

Thank you for taking the time for YOU! Thank you for doing this for your students. Think of this as part of your SELF-CARE regimen as an educator.

We are so excited to work with teachers to help bring yoga and mindfulness into the classroom. As a former first-grade teacher, Lani noticed that by using “Yoga Breaks,” her kids were able to focus better, sit longer, and have more success with their schoolwork. That is how Mindful Yoga Breaks® was born! We know that by taking care of our teachers, the teachers will be able to take care of their students.

Did you know...

46% of teachers report higher stress during the school day.(Gallup 2014)

OK, stop.

Try taking a BIG DEEP Breath right now.

Inhale, lift your shoulders to your ears. Sigh it out and release your shoulders down.


Think about when using this during your day it would be beneficial to use this.

Here are some replies from teachers we asked:

  • when walking into your classroom
  • when picking your kids up from specials
  • when picking your kids up from lunch
  • before your students take tests
  • when picking up your own kids
  • while driving
  • when dealing with extended family
  • taking care of sick parents
  • at bedtime
  • during morning routines
  • anytime?! all the time?!
  • ___________________ (anything else?)

By participating in this course, you will learn dozens of strategies to add to the teaching toolbox that can be used during little breaks throughout the day, whether you have one, five, 10, or 15 minutes to spend. You can use one breathing exercise or combine it with some yoga poses and a game. This is up to you and what you feel will work best with your students.

As a bonus, you will be provided with sample lesson plans so you can see how you might use these tools in different combinations.

In this workshop, you will learn “lifesaver tools” such as:

  • breathing exercises
  • mindfulness activities
  • yoga poses
  • yoga & mindfulness games
  • relaxation techniques
  • the use of props

These tools will help to calm what we call the "Bulldog Brain" and be able to wake up the "Wise Owl Brain." These are the parts of the brain that deal with our BIG EMOTIONS.

"The teacher is the nervous system of the classroom." --Jennifer Cohen-Harper, Little Flower Yoga

It has been found that often teachers spend more time managing personalities and working out conflicts then actually teaching their students. We believe that if we give teachers their own tools for calming & focusing when things feel out of control, then they will be able to teach more effectively. When our teachers are happy and healthy, our kids will be happy and healthy as well. It makes so much sense!

The first day in a new classroom, a teacher said to Lani-

"I think this is going to help ME get through my day more effectively."

Lani responded "that is why I am here."

YES! This is why we do this work.

Did you know...

26% of children in the United States will witness or experience a traumatic event before they turn four. (National Center for Mental Health Promotion and Youth Violence Prevention)

Mindful Yoga Breaks tools will enable teachers to create a learning ready classroom. Even the best teachers will still struggle to teach a student who is not focused and ready to learn. Students come into class with all the baggage they bring from home. We don't know exactly what happens before they get to our classes, yet we are still required to teach each student the same curriculum in the same way! That means that 20-30 personalities, with 20-30 different situations who are expected to learn the same material.

Get ready to learn ALL about how your brain functions and learn how to explain it to kids with child-friendly terms.

In this course, you will find videos and many downloadable pdfs. You can turn all this material into your own binder to keep and use as needed. This is the same manual we give at our live workshops. With this online version, you will be able to create your own personal manual with all the downloads we share with you.

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